Business and Organisational Consultancy

At Resolve, we work with businesses and organisations to create innovative and practical management solutions to deliver excellence. Our business and legal experience will add value, increase effectiveness, improve profit, increase team engagement and customer/client experiences.

Resolve has an excellent track record of demonstrating:

Business planning and development:

At Resolve, we will help you shape your vision, purpose and business/organisational goals to achieve success. It is never too late to develop a business plan and with Resolve working alongside you and your team, our one page business plan keeps things simple – goals for the year on one page with collective team ownership and high impact results.

System and process improvement:

At Resolve we work with you to establish what is working and what can be improved.    In an environment where we have increased workloads, tighter budgets and time challenges, Resolve has a proven track record of demonstrating increased effectiveness while always ensuring compliance. With a sub-specialist interest in property, our expertise in the Unit Titles Act 2010 and its Regulations, Residential Tenancies Act 1986 and our interest and understanding of Health and Safety and its reforms, we can assist you to ensure your business practices are compliant and at their best.  Our development of policies, procedures, systems and manuals in regulatory and business environments with easy to read and use template documentation will mitigate risks and ensure business/organisational continuity.

Increasing revenue and market share:

At Resolve, we work with private businesses to increase organic growth and where strategically optimal, growth by acquisition.  Having led several acquisitions in the property management field, we will help your business/organisation bring out its best for continued growth, improved systems and redifining of cultures.

Marketing and brand positioning:

With a flair for writing, we can help with the development of marketing materials, writing of news and media articles, text for websites, booklets, flyers and any other media whether online or print.

Culture and team performance:

We analyse the roadblocks and develop the solutions to improve team engagement and positive cultures.  Engaged and high performing people are critical to ensuring your business continues to shine in its market place.

Management and team leader mentoring:

With strong and successful public and private sector leadership skills, at Resolve we provide mentorship and support for leaders to excel in their roles.    We will work with you to ensure accountability and delivery of individual and team based KPIs.