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InspectRealEstate (IRE) – the customised, agent-branded, online booking system that allows prospective tenants to automatically book viewings online for properties. Here are some of our products:

Inspect Real Estate Business Development Management

Business Development Management (BDM)

BDM is designed to capture ALL leads from multiple sources for rental growth. BDM allows business development managers to monitor and track the progress of all leads. BDM sends out automatic emails and SMS messages to referrers letting them know the progress of their lead referral ensuring excellent communication and relationship management for continued referral business.

Inspect Real Estate Register Online

Register Online Rentals

Revolutionise your lettings process with Register Online (ROL) Rentals. With many enquiries for properties for rent being generated outside of office hours, ROL Rentals provides an efficient and automatic system enabling the property manager to set the viewing time and for tenants to book into viewings online. No more having to return endless phone calls and emails to tenants to make appointments for viewings.

Inspect Real Estate Register Online

Mobile ROL

Agile, mobile and efficient, Mobile ROL allows recording and reporting of feedback and outcomes of viewings live on site. Provide instant feedback to investors and property managers on the viewing.

Inspect Real Estate App Tracker

App Tracker

App Tracker provides instant feedback to prospective tenants on the progress of their application for a rental property. From the time that an application is received and processed to either being accepted or declined, App Tracker sends out automatic SMS messages and emails to the tenant throughout the process to keep them updated on their application. App Tracker even helps the property manager notify good prospective tenants who have missed out on a property of what else might be available.

Inspect Real Estate Key Tracker

Key Tracker

Key Tracker enables all keys to be accounted for and takes away the stress associated with key management. Key Tracker provides automatic SMS messages to contractors and agents if keys have not been returned. Property managers can now receive automatic notification when a key is taken or returned instead of searching through the key book or clumsy excel spreadsheets.

Slice through your workload and unlock your potential for growth with Inspect Real Estate.
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